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Sport Hotel Sletiště - Your objective in Central Bohemia

4:12,97 Bidrman, 67.71 Cechlová, 68 Jagr - this is just a taste of our menu.

Where else can you spend the night in a room with that name?

Only at us - at the Sport Hotel Sletiště.

The hotel is part of the sports complex sports complex of Kladno Ltd., therefore, it is an ideal base for sports and relaxation. Located in close proximity to the waterpark Kladno, summer swimming Sletiště, Municipal Stadium Sletiště, Trampolínového park and park bullpen. In the immediate vicinity of the cycling circuit leads 017th.

Sports atmosphere in here you can feel at every step. The entire hotel is decorated with a collage of famous athletes photowallpapers Kladno history.

First guests visited the hotel in late summer of 2015 after completion of the renovation, which lasted approximately two years and general largely financed by European funds. Sport Hotel Sletiště was originally a hostel built in the early eighties. That, however, did not meet the requirements of visitors, especially among athletes, because then city leaders decided the rebuilding hostels for a three star hotel.

We offer 10 doubles, 4 triples, 8 quadruple rooms. A total of 64 beds. There are according to your request king size bed and twin bed. Each room has its own toilet, shower and minibar.

From 2 triple rooms are wheelchair accessible and of course there are also wheelchair accessible entrances.

Throughout the hotel is complimentary wi-fi.

The hotel is non-smoking.

Accommodation with pets is not possible.

The hotel is suitable for families with children from 1 month of age. For this case we have a fully equipped kitchenette with microwave and refrigerator.

Children under 6 are free.

Price for accommodation for children 7 to 15 years is 70% off.

The hotel also includes two fully equipped conference rooms for 60 and 40 people. For more information and to subscribe to the section Conference room.