Kladno theater

Kladno Municipal Theatre is one of the oldest Czech drama theaters. Continuing the more than centenary tradition of professional Kladno scene. Varied genre repertoire consists of classical and contemporary titles, program complements a series of accompanying events and educational activities. After a complete renovation, which lasted several years, the theater reopened. The theater building is a theater cafe. Lampion Theatre is the only professional theater for children in the Central Region. The program consists of theater weekend family performances, matinee for preschool and younger elementary school pupils and touring performances throughout the country.

Hutník cinema

Hutník cinema is located in the Cultural Kladno on us. Sítná, about 15 minutes walk from the hotel. Kino conducted in 2010, according to the DCI standard digitization and in 2012 was completely renovated interior cinema. It currently offers comfort, with its comfortable seats, was installed during the refurbishment and high quality audio and video experience.

Cultural events

Current cultural events in a given month can be found on the website of the municipality Kladno section Leisure or we are happy to advise our reception. The reception also provides a booking service for various events and performances, of course, subject to availability. These events are usually held at the House of Culture in Kladno on us. Sítná in Kladno sports hall next to the aquapark in Kladno, or directly at our hotel, in the summer of Kladno in the garden of the castle.

Actions at Municipal Stadium Sletiště

Sletiště City Stadium is the venue for one-off events, especially sports and cultural character. Among the biggest events of the year are mainly TNT Express Meeting, which is annually attended by world leaders vícebojařské athletics, as well as three-day event Days of Kladno with a packed cultural program in the form of famous Czech musical groups. TNT Express Meeting is held regularly at the beginning of June and the city of Kladno Days on the first weekend of September. In August, the city stadium Sletiště happens for a few days to cinema, as part of the event Cinematograph Brothers Čadík to which admission is voluntary and the proceeds are donated to charity. Another charity event is the Run of Hope, under which it is organized on a public collection to support the fight against cancer. Every year on April 30 organized regularly burning witches with accompanying program for children and adults.